Questions & Answers for "Makeup Tatoo/Permanent Makeup"

What can you actually do with makeup tattoo?

Commonly practiced makeup tattoos are "Permanent Eyebrows" or "Eyeliners" for those whose eyebrows are thinning, or those who are reluctant to paint eyebrows/eyeliners every day, or those who cannot paint well. Today, men and women equally seek this permanent makeup, because they wish to cover up the areas, such as hairlines, dividing lines, scars, or interrupted hair growth. We are applying this technique to deposit pigment deeply into the dermis layer of the skin, and amazingly camouflage such flaws.

Do I feel pain?

We will use a topical numbing agent, which will make your eyes or head feel painless during the process. A small amount of pain may exist after the anesthesia wears off, but this effect will not last long.

Can I choose pigment colors?

Of course. We will recommend colors and shapes that will best suit each client, and will make the color selection after fully discussing it with her/him. We have a wide variety of colors on hand.

Can I lean how to apply the technique as well as receive treatment?

Yes. When selecting a makeup tattoo, you can either visit our salon or we can provide you a treatment at your home or business. Lessons are provided similarly. Our mission is to assist the clients in having more confidence in themselves by overcoming their difficulties, as well as enhancing their natural beauty. Complete satisfaction and happiness accompanies each treatment.

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